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Infinity Energy Balancing: Services and Plans

Infinity Energy What to 

What to Expect for Each Service
Let’s Meet
First Time Consultation:  1 hour $90.00

During the initial appointment, we employ our distinctive muscle testing technique to delve into the underlying causes of your issue. You will be given an assessment to see what is currently in and out of balance within your body. Subsequently, we formulate a tailored strategy to bring your body to the state of physical and emotional balance promoting optimal functionality.

Body Balancing Session: 1 hour $120

Utilizing our distinctive, holistic, non-invasive approach, which involves working with acupressure points, dietary modifications, and supplement recommendations, we aim to harmonize the structural, biochemical, and energy systems within the body, which will help to alleviate a variety of acute and chronic symptoms.

Psychological Balancing Session: 1 hour $120.00

We employ our advanced muscle testing method to identify optimal solutions for reducing or eliminating stress, anxiety, insomnia, and phobias. Our approach incorporates scientifically validated techniques, including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Heart Math, chakras balancing, NLP,  and acupressure points techniques specifically tailored for stress management. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training, empowering you to effectively manage these issues within the comfort of your home.

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Wellness Membership Options

Preventative Health care at reduced price

One 60 min.  Body or Mind Balancing session at  $95.00 a month

The process of finding and treating health issues is sequential and is best done as a series of appointments. We invite you to take a benefit of our two options for wellness membership

Option One:  
Montly Subscription

Enroll in our Wellness Membership to prioritize your well-being. Benefit from ongoing preventive healthcare services at discounted rates and maintain the harmonious balance of your body and mind. Dedicate yourself to a minimum of one 60-minute balancing session per month, selecting from options like structural, nutritional, or psychological balancing. Furthermore, any extra appointments scheduled within the same month will also be available at the favorable rates exclusively offered to our Wellness members.

Option Two:  

Four sessions package at reduced price of $95.oo per one hour session (total of $380.00)

**You have an option to cancel your membership any time with 2 weeks notification.

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If you're ready for change,

you're ready for Applied Kinesiology.

Once you embrace it, you won't look back.

Infinity Balancing Energy: What is Kinesiology
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