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Infinity Energy Balancing Team
Meet Olga and Marina

Olga Andreeva
Certified Structural, Biochemical, and Energy
AK  Practitioner
Marina Blokhin
Certified Energy, Psychological AK  Practitioner
Meet Olga Andreeva
Discover Olga Andreeva: Your Applied Kinesiology Expert

Meet the heart and soul of our practice, Olga Andreeva, a true embodiment of holistic wellness. With an impressive background spanning over 15 years, she initially embarked on her professional journey as a massage therapist and bodyworker. This early experience kindled her interest in the intricate dynamics of the human body and its capacity for healing.

Olga's quest for holistic healing eventually led her to the fascinating world of Applied Kinesiology. She honed her skills at the esteemed International School for Applied Kinesiology in Los Angeles, California. There, she delved deep into the practice, specializing in Structural, Biochemical, and Energy Applied Kinesiology, amassing four years of dedicated expertise.

Her unwavering passion for holistic wellness is the cornerstone of her commitment to you, our valued clients. Olga's mission is to guide and empower you on your journey toward optimal health, making every step a personalized, transformative experience.

Beyond her professional life, Olga indulges in her love for the natural world. She's a passionate mushroom forager, exploring the hidden treasures of the forest. Nature is her sanctuary, and she often embarks on exhilarating hiking adventures in the great outdoors. A soft spot for cats adds a touch of compassion to her vibrant personality, rounding out the facets of Olga Andreeva's life and her dedication to your holistic well-being.

Meet Marina Blokhin
Discover Marina Blokhin: Your  Applied Kinesiology Expert

Marina is your certified Applied Kinesiology practitioner, with a specialized focus on psychology and energy kinesiology. She earned her certification from the renowned International School for Applied Kinesiology in Los Angeles, CA. Her journey began as a certified medical interpreter, where she developed her deep passion for assisting people in the healthcare industry.

Marina's experiences in the medical field revealed the remarkable benefits of holistic approaches compared to traditional medicine. This realization led her to establish our practice, where she dedicates herself to helping individuals achieve their holistic wellness goals.

Over the years, Marina has been a guiding light for many, aiding them in conquering stress and anxiety during challenging phases of life. Her extensive experience and expertise make her a trusted partner on your path to well-being.

Outside the realm of Applied Kinesiology, Marina's interests are as diverse as her talents. She's an avid traveler, a green-thumbed gardener, a voracious reader, and a dedicated supporter of the arts. Her well-rounded passions reflect the depth and breadth of her approach to life and healing.

Infinity Energy Balancing

“ It really works! I was on a strict gluten-free diet for years, avoiding pancakes, fresh bread, and pizza. After a session with Olga and Marina I’ve happily forgotten about the gluten free diet and enjoyed all the foods I love without any issues. I have turned to Olga and Marina for other problems too and each time a I’ve been pleasantly surprised because it WORKED!."

-Helen S.

Alexa Young, CA

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